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First steps

We assure you of our deepest sympathy.

From our experience, we know how difficult it is to have to go through official channels at this time.
That is why we would like to relieve you of some of these difficult paths and offer you our comprehensive support as well as sensitive and dignified care.

We are at your side as a trustworthy helper in dealing with all funeral matters.

Funeral home Jena

Paradiesstraße 3
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In the foyer of the Jena funeral home
In the foyer of the Jena funeral home

What should you do?

In the event of a death in the home, inform the family doctor or the doctor on standby for the emergency services. They will issue the death certificate.

You should then contact a funeral home of your choice by telephone or in person. You can contact us at any time on (03641) 49 89-230.
We will arrange a meeting with you to discuss all matters relating to the funeral, answer your questions and provide you with advice.
We will reliably take care of important matters for you. We will need some documents for this.

Important documents that we need:

  • Identity card of the deceased
  • Health insurance card (chip card)
  • Birth certificate
  • Family register or marriage certificate
  • in the case of widows or widowers, the death certificate of the spouse or the declaration of death with legal force
  • in the case of divorced marriages, the divorce decree with legal force

We take care of the following formalities for you:

This concerns, for example

  • for pensioners, the pension notices (old-age pension, widow's pension, war victim's or survivor's pension, disability pension)
  • Bank details for advance payments from the pension office

if available:

  • Pension certificate
  • Notice of housing benefit
  • Unemployment benefit (notification)
  • Notice of allowance for the blind
  • Association of war and military service victims (membership card)
  • German Red Cross (membership card)
  • Severely disabled person's pass and supplementary sheet with tokens
  • Broadcasting fee subscriber number (GEZ)
  • Cable television customer number (Tele Columbus)
  • Subscription number of the daily newspaper with address of the publisher
  • Association of displaced persons (membership card)


Services at a glance

We offer various funeral options: both simple and elaborate funerals - in every denomination, but also repatriations at home and abroad. We organize funeral services as well as the deceased's de-registration with the authorities and even household liquidations.

As the bereaved, you determine the scope of services according to your wishes.

In detail

  • Repatriations at home and abroad
  • Organization of cremations, burials and burials at sea
  • Arrangement of appointments and organization of funeral services with coffin or urn (home visits also possible by arrangement)
  • comprehensive organization of urn burials outside the city (grave digging, musical accompaniment at the grave, loan of decorations and condolence list, burial of the urn)
  • Arrangement of secular eulogists and priests
  • Support with the musical accompaniment of the funeral service (organ and CD)
  • Ordering flowers and wreaths and providing them at the respective ceremony site
  • Recording/publication of obituaries/thanks in the daily press
  • Creation/procurement of funeral and thank-you cards
  • Photographic work
  • Deregistration with authorities (e.g. health insurance, pension accounting office, pension office, etc.)
  • Applying for advance payment from the relevant pension payment offices for the surviving spouse
  • Household liquidations and clearing out

Funeral home Jena

Paradiesstraße 3
07743 Jena