Disposal dates

Disposal dates

When will my waste garbage cans be emptied?

For the city of Jena, please first select your street. Then make a selection for the house number.

Please note: You will find a list of postponed dates due to public holidays at the bottom of this page. Please scroll down for this!

Postponement of waste disposal in 2024

The general public holiday regulation

If the emptying falls on a public holiday, the disposal of the remaining days is postponed to the following working day.

This applies to:

New Year 1. January Emptying on January 2, etc. ...
Easter Monday 1. April Emptying on April 2, etc. ...
Labor Day 1. May Empties on May 2, etc. ...
Ascension Day 9. May Empties on May 10, etc. ...
Whit Monday 20. May Empties on May 21, etc. ...
World Children's Day 20. September Emptying on September 21, etc. ...
Day of German Unity 3. October Empties on October 4, etc. ...
Reformation Day 31. October Empties on November 1, etc. ...
2. Christmas Day 26. December Emptying on December 27, etc. ...


However, there will also be some early and some late collections due to public holidays. (Easter and Christmas)

  • Good Friday

Due to Good Friday, waste disposal will be brought forward.

This means emptying from:

Monday, march 25 will take place on Saturday, march 23rd
Tuesday, march 26 will take place on Monday, march 25
Wednesday, March march 27 will take place on Tuesday, march 26
Thursday, march 28 will take place on Wednesday, march 27
Good Friday, march 29 will take place on Thursday, march 28

Emptying will be made up for Easter Monday: The general public holiday regulations apply again here, i.e. the collections will be made up later.

  • Christmas

The collections on December 25 will be brought forward and will take place on Tuesday, December 24. From the 2nd Christmas Day (December 26), the collections will be postponed to the following working day. The general public holiday regulations apply again.

This means emptying from:

Monday, december 23 will take place on Saturday, december 21
Tuesday, december 24 take place on Monday, december 23rd
Wednesday, december 25 take place on Tuesday, december 24
Thursday, december 26 will take place on Friday december 27
Friday, december 27 will take place on Saturday december 28

Biowaste container disposal 2024

Organic waste disposal varies seasonally throughout the year.
Biowaste containers are collected weekly throughout the city between week 10 and week 48. In the remaining period, collection only takes place every 14 days in the even calendar weeks.

If, in individual cases, the existing container volume is not sufficient due to a high volume of Biowaste containers, additional containers can be purchased. There is also the option of self-delivery at the recycling center.

Biowaste containers
Biowaste containers

Pollutant mobile dates

Christmas tree as an icon
Christmas tree

Christmas tree disposal

A special tour will collect the trees from January 15 - 19, 2024.
Please place the cleaned trees with a maximum length of 1.50 m at the container location on January 15 from 06:00 am. Shorten if necessary!
Later disposal can only take place on the respective disposal days of the regular organic waste collection.

Do you have any questions?

You can obtain information by calling (03641) 4989 500

Disposal dates can also be found in the 'MeinJena' app and in the KSJ waste calendar.