Saying "thank you" for 20 years of KSJ with a good deed

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Saying "thank you" for 20 years of KSJ with a good deed

20 years ago - on January 1 - Kommunalservice Jena began operating under its current name and logo. This makes it the oldest company owned by the city of Jena. (formerly Stadtwirtschaft)

To mark its anniversary, the KSJ spent a day carrying out painting and electrical work for the AWO Regionalverband Mitte-West-Thüringen e.V. As part of the Jena Community Foundation, you can volunteer for projects. This is how the project at the AWO came about.

The aim was to give the "parlor" of the multi-generation house in Lobeda a new look and feel. The aim of this campaign was to do something good alongside the daily work and support social commitment.

"Right in the middle of things and an integral part of the cityscape," reports Uwe Feige, plant manager from the very beginning. Today, the company is anchored in a variety of areas of municipal services in the Jena cityscape and the surrounding area. For example, the KSJ is responsible for waste disposal, road construction, light and signal points, urban space and green space maintenance in the city area. The KSJ also looks after the municipal cemeteries and runs the funeral home in Jena.

However, this is not possible without committed and reliable specialists who face the daily challenges of the tasks entrusted to them and master them with motivation and quality. With around 400 employees and currently 11 trainees, the company is well equipped for the challenges ahead.