"Balcony power plants" in Jena

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Photovoltaic systems - modules balcony power plants
Photovoltaic systems - modules balcony power plants

BürgerEnergie Jena e.G., together with various partners, including the Bürgerstiftung Jena-Saale-Holzland, wants to bring plug-in photovoltaic systems to the balconies of Jena.

How it works

You don't need a large solar system on the roof to generate usable electricity yourself. There are small modules that you can put on your balcony. Such balcony power plants are becoming increasingly popular - even in Jena.

BürgerEnergie, together with other Thuringian BürgerEnergie cooperatives, provides information on balcony power plants on the joint website balkonstromer.de

The PV modules are then distributed in the municipal service itself together with BürgerEnergie.