Repairs were carried out again at the recycling center

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Repair Café Jena
Repair Café Jena

On July 8, 2023, the Repair Café Jena visited the KSJ recycling center 'Löbstedter Straße' again.

In tropical temperatures, more than 20 interested people set out to restore personal items and appliances, such as a radio, a coffee machine, a kettle or their bicycle, to a usable condition as far as possible. Most of the repairs were completely or partially successful. The volunteer repair experts were able to give 17 items/electrical appliances a second life.

The greatest need for repair was for electrical appliances, although a "handful" of bicycle and textile repairs were also carried out. The team is still looking for volunteer support in all areas. Previous experience is useful, but not essential. You can find out more about the Repair Café and other dates at Repair Café Jena

The Repair Café

The Repair Café Jena has been operating in Jena since March 2014 with the motto "Throw away - no thanks!". The Repair Café makes an important contribution to reducing waste and extending the life of products. Instead of simply throwing items away and replacing them with new ones, the work of the Repair Café conserves resources and passes on valuable knowledge. It is a place where the community comes together to work towards a more sustainable future. In other words, it is about helping people to help themselves.

In addition to cooperating with Hackspace and FreiRaum, the Repair Café also works with Kommunalservice Jena (KSJ). A sticker affixed to all small scrap collection garbage cans also refers to the Repair Café. This encourages people to "save" other appliances from being scrapped.