Signpost with waste calendar

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Cover picture of the signpost & waste calendar 2024
Guide & waste calendar 2024

The new "Signposts with waste calendar 2024" are currently being distributed to all households in the city of Jena and its districts by Deutsche Post.

Distribution of the signposts is still ongoing on request.

We expect the distribution to be completed by mid-December. For this reason, please refrain from calling for the time being.

Want to take a look at the guide in advance?

In order to protect the environment and reduce our paper consumption, we also offer our guide with waste calendar as a digital download.

Have you already discovered our "online waste disposal calendar"?
From 01.01.2024, all collection dates can be generated online in the form of an individual waste disposal calendar and/or imported into your personal calendar using the iCal application.

To give you a quicker and more convenient overview of your individual collection dates, you can download your digital and pre-filled waste disposal calendar >>HERE.

And this is how it works: First enter your street and house number, click on "Pdf year" and your pre-filled property-specific waste disposal calendar will be displayed. If you print on both sides, you only need one sheet of paper.