Plenty of reading material at the bus station in Jena

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Book cell at Jena bus station
Book cell at Jena bus station

Volksbank eG and Kommunalservice Jena (KSJ) open book cell. Swap, take away, hand in - all without any obligation and free of charge! This is the concept of the book cell, which has found its place in the waiting room of Jena's bus station.

The book cell is initially open from 6:00 to 22:00 (Monday to Friday) and can be used by anyone.

A joint project between Volksbank eG Gera - Jena - Rudolstadt and the KSJ has made it possible for the waiting room at the bus station to be freshly renovated and made available to the public again as a book cell. The two companies met in the late summer of 2023 to discuss suitable concepts and locations for used book exchange rooms. The waiting room at the bus station was chosen partly due to its location. This is where people meet, wait for their bus or are on their way to or from the Paradies station. The book cell is intended to provide an additional cultural offering. Young people in particular are to be given unhindered access to literature in this way and the joy of reading is to be awakened.

The first step was for the KSJ to completely renovate and prepare the room. Then the companies commissioned by Volksbank eG installed the book cell and designed the room. The "initial furnishing" of the book cell was carried out by the KSJ. Many books, usually from book donations, had been waiting there for new readers for some time. From thrillers to heartbreak classics, children's books and travel guides. There is something for everyone here.

The book cell was symbolically opened to the people of Jena by Volksbank eG and the KSJ at 9:30 a.m. on December 14, 2023. From this point onwards, everyone is invited to play an active role in stocking the shelves by not only taking out a book of their choice, but also putting in a book of their own.

Text: Volksbank eG Gera - Jena - Rudolstadt