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"Green recycling center" award ceremony
Presentation of the "Green Recycling Center" award with Dr. Thomas Nitsche (Mayor of Jena) and Uwe Feige (Plant Manager KSJ) by Andrea Kostrowski from DUH

The KSJ's northern recycling center was honored with the "Green Recycling Center" award from Deutsche Umwelthilfe (DUH).

This recognition honors, among other things, the citizen-friendly process of handing in recyclables, the commitment to resource conservation and sustainability.

Award ceremony at the northern recycling center

The award was presented by Andrea Kostrowski from DUH on 28.02.2024 in the presence of Dr. Thomas Nitsche (Mayor of Jena) and Uwe Feige (Plant Manager KSJ).

The "Green Recycling Center" is an award presented by the DUH and recognizes facilities that excel in the areas of environmental protection, recycling and sustainability. The KSJ's northern recycling center meets these criteria in particular thanks to its innovative approach and commitment to a clean environment. The recycling center is characterized by a variety of measures aimed at reducing waste, promoting recycling and conserving resources. From the separate collection of different types of waste to the promotion of sustainable projects, the recycling center offers the citizens of Jena the opportunity to actively contribute to environmental protection.

"Standing still is a step backwards! Anyone who claims to be a service provider for an entire urban society must recognize changes in demand and respond to them promptly. Reuse and recycling have long been a requirement of society as a whole for the self-image of citizens in our city. Integration and inclusion in equal measure. For this reason, we have also launched another pilot project for recruiting personnel with the expanded offer to exchange reusable consumer goods (Tauschhaus 2.0). This award is both an honor and a confirmation of our daily efforts to implement environmentally friendly solutions in waste management. We are proud of this, but we are also aware that we must continue on this path," said Uwe Feige about the award.

With the "Green Recycling Center" competition, DUH aims to draw attention to the importance of environmentally friendly recycling center concepts and initiate nationwide improvements. This is the third year that DUH has recognized exemplary recycling centers as "Green Recycling Centers" and honors forward-looking concepts for consumer and environmentally friendly recycling collection. in 2023, the Warngau recycling center, the Leppe disposal center and the BSR Recyclinghof Plus in Berlin also received awards.

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