Fixed caps on bottles and beverage containers

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A new EU regulation is in force that further regulates the handling of single-use plastic in Europe. This regulation also applies to caps on certain bottles and drinks packaging. The EU has introduced this regulation to reduce plastic waste and protect the environment. Caps and lids are among the most common plastic waste polluting our oceans and beaches. The new regulation is intended to help minimize this waste and increase the recycling rate.

What is changing?

  1. Ban on loose removable caps: For single-use plastic bottles and drinks packs, the caps must be firmly attached to the container. This applies to bottles and packs up to a volume of three liters.
  2. New design for caps: The caps must be designed in such a way that they remain firmly attached to the container throughout use.
  3. Exception for special packaging (information on this can be found in the guidelines of the EU regulation)

For consumers, this means

  • a change in handling: the new caps remain attached to the bottle or packaging after opening.
  • more environmental friendliness: By purchasing our products, you support the reduction of plastic waste and contribute to a more sustainable use of resources.