Funeral director

Professional education as a funeral director

A profession like no other - diverse, interesting, varied and responsible.

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As the oldest funeral home in the city of Jena, we provide sensitive advice and support to relatives during the loss of a loved one. We are a trustworthy helper in all funeral matters and provide support in all tasks that arise.

Many years of experience, our comprehensive range of services and our location in the center of Jena offer attractive conditions for professional education as a funeral director at Bestattungshaus Jena.

Since 2003, the profession of funeral specialist has been a recognized dual education.

You will find our modern funeral home at Paradiesstraße 3 near the bus station. You are welcome to visit us at any time to gain an insight and talk to us.

If you

  • can prove that you have at least a secondary school leaving certificate
  • can put yourself in other people's shoes
  • can communicate with understanding and care
  • have no fear of contact with the deceased
  • have a serious, friendly and well-groomed appearance
  • have mental and physical strength

you are suitable for the profession of funeral director.

About the Professional education

  • Recovery, care, transfer and storage of the deceased
  • Preparation of the coffin or urn
  • Digging graves
  • Advice and support for the bereaved
  • Organization of the funeral service
  • commercial activities
  • Legal regulations and health protection

The profession

... is characterized by a high degree of responsibility for people - the deceased and the bereaved.

We offer

  • a collectively agreed training allowance
  • annual special payment
  • Final bonus
  • 30 days vacation

Your application should include a covering letter, a CV in tabular form, a copy of your school-leaving certificate and evidence of any work you have done since leaving school.


Your contact

Beate Wahlmann
03641 49 89 - 103
Kommunalservice Jena
Löbstedter Street 56
07749 Jena

Personnel | Professional education

Löbstedter Straße 56
07749 Jena

Personnel | Professional education

Löbstedter Straße 56
07749 Jena