Residual waste

Only waste that cannot be sent for separate recovery and/or recycling belongs in the black garbage can (residual waste garbage can).

Residual waste is collected by Kommunalservice Jena, transported and taken to the Zorbau thermal waste recycling plant, where it is treated and the remainder is then deposited in landfill sites in the form of ash and slag.

What belongs in the Residual waste?

  • Plastics without the "green dot"
  • Rubber
  • Light bulbs
  • Sanitary paper and articles
  • Sweepings, ashes
  • Hair
  • Adhesive strips
  • Crockery, ceramics
  • Vacuum cleaner bags
  • Pens, toys
  • old wallpaper remnants
  • Comforters
  • Carpet remnants
  • Disposable diapers
  • Cigarette butts
  • heavily soiled recyclables
  • non-recyclable used textiles
  • Paints, varnishes (dried out, solvent-free)
  • Wiping cloths
  • CDs, cassettes
  • broken shoes, unusable items
  • Toothbrushes, dishwashing brushes, toilet brushes, etc.

Further information on the disposal of waste can be found in the waste ABC.

Fee office

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Residual waste containers
Residual waste containers

Containers for disposal

You can purchase the 60 l, 120 l or 240 l (color black) waste containers from us at Löbstedter Straße 56 or from other suppliers.

Purchase and registration of black garbage cans

The bins must be fitted with a transponder chip and an identification number (white sticker) by the KSJ to ensure automatic property-related data collection and correct charging for residual waste garbage cans. The property owner/house manager must be authorized to purchase the container or must have a corresponding power of attorney for delivery.

We rent out 1,100 l and 660 l waste garbage cans (green) as well as 5 m³ skips and press containers to housing associations, private landlords or commercial enterprises. Please contact our sales department: The number and size of the residual waste containers depend on the requirements on the property.

Minimum retention volume

The minimum volume for Residual waste is 15 liters per resident for each developed and managed residential property (regardless of the number of empties). However, at least one residual waste container of 60 l must be provided for each property.

Minimum empties

For each registered residual waste container, at least two emptyings are charged per calendar half-year in accordance with the provision obligation.

Disposal of residual waste

The waste containers are emptied according to a fixed schedule. You can view the dates in the waste disposal calendar.

On the day of emptying, unsealed waste containers must be placed at the edge of the public traffic area (outside of roadways) by 6.00 am.


For trade

Information can be found here: Commercial waste


Fee office

Löbstedter Straße 56
07749 Jena